The Sweetest Harvest, day 10 – Training Ground for Trust


Today, I held my fretful 2 year old baby in that kitchen where flour and coconut and bananas and honey were coming together for afternoon and tomorrow morning muffins.  100 miles away, but the faintest cough from the first bedroom jolted me, and the mama bear rescue instinct was in full motion. His breathing, so […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 9 – Keep Your Joy


~From the post, “Motherhood is Hard; Motherhood is Joyous” They were 4 and under.  And I was hoping to have a better Monday. When you expect the tornado, you prepare.  When you expect arduous hours of child-rearing, you pray.  Because They.  Will.  Come.  And who really wants to be depleted of JOY? Who really wants […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 8 – Good Habits are a Delight


I thought we’d be working on it ’til she’s grown. Being considerate of the cook and showing thankfulness for WHATEVER showed up on her plate. Whenever I unwrapped hot foiled sweet potatoes, I could feel her eyes.  And the frown, and the unsettling that would be her demeanor until dinner was over and she could […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 7 – The Gentle Cycle


I have an aqua blue knit dress straight from the sale rack at Marshall’s that I kinda like.  I’ve worn it out on a date with my sweetheart once.  It’s rayon with a touch of stretch and is it ever comfortable!!  A few hugs from a couple messy kids later, into the laundry basket it […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 6 – Raising Peacemakers


It’s one of the most challenging responsibilities of all.  One that requires so much of ourselves.  One that we might be tempted to scratch out of that Matthew 5 Sermon on the Mount passage in our Bibles.  Just put a sharpie black line right through it.  But the blessing of being called “Children of God?” […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 5 – Golden Moments


He wrote his name by himself with a green crayon and I cried.  (I’m that mom). She finished a book we started a year ago, and her delight sends me to melting.  The monkey was her hard earned reward. He sleeps in the living room almost every night until we check the last door.  It’s […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 4 – Be Overprotective


Who wants a cobbler with sticks?  Who really wants to lavish a blueberry delight with fresh cream, cut into it with shiny spoon, and bring to the lips only to chomp down hard on the inedible? It taints the decadence and the taste is far less pleasurable. But inevitably, trash will creep in, unless you […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 3 – Truth at the Table


31,102 the number of verses in the Bible,  lamp unto our feet,  light unto our path, revealed truths, life-giving, heart impressing, jaw dropping, grace giving, spirit sharpening, generation changing truths at our fingertips. The perfect gift to share with our children. A pattern for their success. Producing fruits of righteousness from the cradle to their […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 2 – Bend Low


I may have noticed it most when my back kept me from stooping that Monday.  And Tuesday and Wednesday. That I spend a lot of time less than 180°.  Bent low. To pick up the raisin that made it into the laundry room? To clean a croc that just danced over dog business.  To look under […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 1 – Keep Calm, Mother On!


You’ve seen the viral posters Keep Calm and Carry on So fitting in a culture that runs as we do. The insightful British individual who came up with it after the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939 likely never knew that such a phrase would be pertinent in a day where we war with […]

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