Birthday Tea


There’s something different about “7.” Something that makes it sound so much more grown up than “6.” “Six” sounds cute.  Missing teeth cute.  Little girl, innocent, snuggle in mama’s lap cute. And 7? It’s different.  Maybe it’s because it’s her first 2-syllable age! It sounds mature, proper, growny. She asked to have a tea party […]

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Grace…In Real Life


I haven’t exercised in weeks. No scrapbooks are current.  None. Ok…I’ll be real.  Levi, the youngest, doesn’t even have one. My fall flag is flapping in the wind out back.  Complete with harvest cornucopia and all. So when you see my photos, you must know that they are my silver lining.  They are packages of […]

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HOPE transforms


But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.  Psalm 33:18 Gearing up for a new year is like iron man suiting up for the next mission.  We know we’ll be hit, knocked down, and fully engaged in combat…though probably with the calendar. […]

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When Christmas Comes to Town


It’s our theme song this year. Sang it loud to the firemen and even louder in their carseats. And then as a quartet at Papa and Gigi’s. And by the light of the Christmas tree. Where we all sat piled together, hot cocoa and cupcakes within arms length, to watch our very favorite, The Polar […]

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The REAL prize of motherhood


I’ll just pretend it hasn’t been a million weeks since I’ve written.  Because, all of you are friends.  And, everyone knows good friends can always just pick up where they left off?  I recommence.   I drove to a stop in my driveway last week and noticed something blue plastered to the front of my […]

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A Rest In The Hills


A month of a blog sabbatical, I have a heart full of life.  One month looks like years in pictures.  The pictures, they’re the blood that runs through me.  So, even when I break from words on a screen, the pictures they tell me the stories.  The, “Oh yes! we DID see a millipede.” And, […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 14 – Remember the Calling and Live It Up!


When you feel the kicking from deep within and you can’t see your toes, you’ve been called. When you wake up every hour to visit the smallest room of your house and you put feet to floor slow and easy to avoid a sickening mess, you’ve been called.   When the reality hits and the […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 13 – Failing Well


The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.  Isaiah 58:11 As parents, it isn’t whether or not we fail.  But how. I could write all day long about my […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 12 – Love Who You Live With


I grew up 5o something miles west of this little house with imperfect parents who didn’t stay together.  I’ve never doubted their love for me nor the Savior who keeps on giving new life when we think it can’t get any darker.  I gained stepparents who loved me as their own and continue to lavish […]

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The Sweetest Harvest, day 11 – Love Where You Live


I once collected home decorating magazines like a crazy woman.  You know the pack of gum you see and want and decide that you need and toss it in with the milk?  That was me and Southern Living.   The hard-pressed 12 month old ones at the bottom?  Yeah, they’d never again see the light of day. […]

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