Home is where I belong. It’s the place I love to be. And the blog is where I write about all the pleasures I find in my little house. From the little ordinaries that I smile and, sometimes cry over, to the precious people who create my laundry load every day. It’s the simple pleasures.

I married quite young, for modern day standards, at 21. Still in school, learning how to be a wife and maintain housekeeping were my responsibilities. With no children until year 6, I finished school and taught school. 4th graders. This experience is quite possibly, and I’m almost certain, where my delight for written words began. Each year, as a new class commenced, so did the introduction to narrative writing. By March, they would be prepared to write for the state writing assessment. Given any prompt. That was the hope. I loved it. For many reasons.

Year 4 of my teaching career, I carried a little girl with me to class each day. She was born in June, one week after students left to enjoy their summer. And I left for longer. Been having babies and raising them ever since. Our first, the girl, she gave me lots to write about. And lots to photograph. Scrapbooking was frequent and fun. But as with most in this life, that was only for a season. A little boy came along 2 years later, then another 15 months later. Scrapbooking ceased altogether, until I decided to go digital. And I haven’t looked back.

Sometime between the births of those 2 little boys, I entered blogland. There were moments I never wanted lost. Words spoken that pierced my heart in ways that perhaps only a mother could fathom. Photographs I wanted to share with family of our babies growing. Becoming toddlers, then preschoolers. Life is a passing mist! And I wanted to document our life. Our passing mist. Our “vapor.”

My responsibilities look, and feel, different now. 14 years since that first year of learning to be wife, maintaining housekeeping, and continuing as student.


I’m still learning to be wife. The words “keeping house” make me giggle right now as I gaze at the heap of unfolded laundry across the room. And now I have 3 students of my own. Not only to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, though that is the path we’ve taken. But to teach habits, to help them know God, and the fruits of the spirit, and how to treat others, and good manners, and discernment, and how life is that passing mist. To enjoy it!  Our three are 8 and under. Homeschooling is a part of our day. And some days, I’m a complete wreck. But, I’m blessed beyond measure. My husband loves me. I adore him. My kids are awesome.  My house is a labor of love, which means we call it home. And this little corner of the world wide web is where I write about all the simple pleasures we cherish here. I’d be tickled pink if you’d stop in for a visit and browse.