Big Red Wagon Faith


the number of verses in the Bible,

lamp unto our feet,

light unto our path,

revealed truths,

life-giving, heart impressing,

jaw dropping,

grace giving, spirit sharpening,

generation changing


at our fingertips.

The perfect gift to share with our children.

A pattern for their success.

Producing fruits of righteousness

from the cradle to their graves.


He was pulling the big red wagon uphill from the woods of the back to the sweet gum ball piles in the front.  He, the youngest, the smallest, breathing harder as he kept up that gait.  I was raking hard and sweating proper when a melody stopped me short.  His feet shuffled through the sticks and leaves, empty wagon trailing behind as he neared closer to me and my mounds of prickly treasures.  He was singing it.  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…”

Ugh ugh mmmmm looking down at those dirty tennis shoes, heaving that big thing.

As working for the Lord and not for men…” 

IMG_9436 IMG_9440

The gift of faith prepares your children to bring the truth and wisdom of Scripture to bear on all areas of their lives. Clay Clarkson


Big red wagon faith!

Pam Tebow said from that conference stage a few years back that her children have memorized hundreds. That when Tim was let go from the NFL team, the New York Jets, he texted his parents and siblings about which verse he might use on twitter to be left on thousands of hearts.

And she said, there they were, all over the place, stopping what we were doing to text him our suggestions.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

In her humble voice, she put a few to simple tunes. Just so we might see how easy?

Don’t we all know Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

Why not put this jewel to the same tune…


And we sing it like this in the little house:

“Ezra 8:22, Ezra 8:22

(twinkle, twinkle little star / how I wonder what you are)

The hand of our God

(up above)

is upon

(the world so high)

all those who seek Him

(like a diamond in the sky)

Ezra 8:22, Ezra 8:22″

(twinkle twinkle little star / how I wonder what you are)

Noah came up with this tune when I kept scratching my head over my coffee cup.

The tunes stay.

In their minds and mine.


From the very beginning the child can take in the great truths concerning God’s nature, and the scope of God’s power, as fully as a theologian can take them in. Therefore there need be no fear that too much is proffered to the child’s mind in this sphere, if only it all be proffered in simplicity as explicit truth, without any attempt at its explanation. ~H. Clay Trumbull, Hints on Child Training, 1890


Thankfully, Levi chose Colossians 3:23 this time.  He could have complained.  Tomorrow, he might.  5 feet away, I beamed from the deepest part of me.  God was the only one who could read the joy in my heart.  Maybe the boy does this often when I’m baking or showering or laundering?  But, Lord! Thank YOU for letting me hear Your truth alive in this 5 year old precious one.  Thank YOU that your word is alive and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword…

Thank YOU that when his problems become greater than the weight of a wagon, you’ll be there.  His voice of Truth.


We can all memorize the truths of scripture, but the rate of speed that a child’s brain develops at a young age, making them part sponge? We cannot begin too soon.

I’m thankful for the nudging of Mrs. Tebow.

What if we chose 1 verse per week. They would learn 52 verses each year! Think of the etchings on hearts! Think of it!

Remember the harvest!

In our family, we started by simply reading passages aloud to them from our Bible. When we came across one we thought should be applied to memory, we, together, thought of a tune (Mary had a little lamb, Old McDonald, This Old Man…..). I would write it on an index card and we practiced right after breakfast each morning. (The card is actually for me!) They know the song, WELL, by day 2.  Now, I have a list of verses in my journal that I want all of us to apply both to memory and heart.  Once they’ve memorized one, there is usually chocolate.  It’s one of the “good and perfect gifts from above…” ya think?

I’m convinced there isn’t a better gift we can give them.

IMG_2695 IMG_1715

sweet blessings to you on this, our journey



  1. How awesome! I admire you for being so faithful in your Godly teachings. I’m so proud of Levi :)

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