Birthday Tea

IMG_4108There’s something different about “7.”

Something that makes it sound so much more grown up than “6.”

“Six” sounds cute.  Missing teeth cute.  Little girl, innocent, snuggle in mama’s lap cute.


And 7?

It’s different.  Maybe it’s because it’s her first 2-syllable age!

It sounds mature, proper, growny.

She asked to have a tea party with friends to celebrate the big occasion.  And downtown Wake Forest was the perfect venue.

Cupcakes and tea for the girls with little surprise princess boxes complete with their own gloves and tiara.
IMG_4085 IMG_4098 IMG_4074 IMG_4112

I drove 3 of them for that hour trip and listened to “Let it Go” like you’ve never heard it before.

And I listened to them giggle and tell stories.

And I almost cried when I listened to them join Matt Redman melodiously with “Bless the LORD, Oh my SOUL…OH,OH,OH my SOUL!”
IMG_4113 IMG_4115And I found out that 7 is just as cute.

Handwritten birthday cards with drawings and words like “Best Friends Forever.”

Little girls holding their tea cups so proper only to spill them 5 minutes later onto lace table coverings.

Asking for the “tweezers” to plop 4, 5, or even 6 sugar cubes into their fruity teas.

Running back and forth mid cupcake to change their hat.

The cutest!

I like 7.

And I love this girl.

Love, Love, Love this girl.



  1. Tracy Smith says:

    I haven’t even met her and I love her too! I really miss those days….with my son being 16 (driving next month!) and my daughter being 13 (and a half!)….those days seem gone forever. Until my daughter comes to me, out of the blue, and tells me that she needs a hug. She is my cuddler! Or when my son comes home from working with his Uncle to tell me of the events of his day, laughing about this or that. It makes my heart smile. I cherish every moment (even the bad), because I know they will only be this age once. I wish I could go back in time and redo all their childhood. Especially when my son told me on the last day of school, “Mom, I am officially a Junior now!” And while I was sick knowing how much he has grown, I was also proud of the person that he is becoming, he surprises me every day….as does my baby girl! By the way, I love the idea of a “Tea Party!”

  2. Ah, so very lovely. What a beautiful little lady you have there, Mama. These days are so precious, likes pearls on a string, yes? These are the days you’ll remember when in the winter of life.

    My Olivia is seven and turns eight at the end of summer and I mourn the loss of the little girl stage. However, she does promise me that she won’t move out until she’s married and then she’ll live across the street and give me lots of granddaughters. I think it sounds grand.

    PS Glad to see you back to blogging. I’ve missed you!

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